Presenting Evidence at the Court

There is a PC in the courtroom to display electronic evidence.  Media types supported are flash drive, external hard drive, and CD/DVD.

  • The PC is not attached to the Internet so all electronic files must be brought to it. Also, the material must be printed. Please, ensure it is printed before you come to court.
Courtroom equipment standards:

Hardware standards
Video Connection support: HDMI

Supported File formats

Video formats: Mp4, Mov, Avi, Wmv

All video formats: Amr,3g2,3gp,flac,ac-3,avi,wav,mp3,adts,asf,mpeg-2,mpeg-4

Audio formats: wav

Image: Jpg, Tiff, PNG

Supported media formats

Flash drive formatted as FAT or NTFS

Must be stated:

  • You must be familiar with technology and what you are trying to present

Mention: no time will be provided during court proceedings to allow for parties to troubleshoot an issue

  • 35th District Court will not provide technical assistance for testing or troubleshooting. In addition, we will not provide time during court proceedings to troubleshoot any issues. It is your responsibility to make sure your presentation works on the day of court.

• Each courtroom has a large monitor  as well as a monitor at the witness stand
and at the judges’ bench. 

Display monitors
• 55″ LCD Display Monitors
• PC with Windows (with DVD and USB ports)
• Witness Display monitors 
• Teleconference capability
• Videoconference capability