Welcome to the 35th District Court. What can we help you with today?

The 35th District Court resides in Plymouth, Michigan serving the communities of Canton, Northville Township, Northville City, Plymouth Township, and Plymouth City. It is one of 107 District Courts in the State of Michigan. 

The 35th District Court CANNOT provide legal advice. If you would like information regarding your legal matter please visit Michigan Legal Help.

Electronic Check-in 

If directed by the security staff complete the “Electronic Check-In Forms” referenced on your Notice, regardless of whether the matter is being heard in person or virtually by way of Zoom.  No case shall be called by the presiding Judge until after this process has been fully and properly completed.

Requesting a Virtual Hearing

A party to a matter may request to attend court hearings virtually (i.e., request that a scheduled In-Person hearing be heard via Zoom, or that a scheduled Zoom hearing be heard in person).  To exercise this opportunity, a party must make an email request to the Judge’s Courtroom Clerk no later than fourteen (14) days before the scheduled hearing, and the presiding Judge shall decide at their earliest convenience if the request shall be granted.  Requests will not be considered unless emailed to the appropriate Clerk of the Judge to whom the matter has been assigned:

Deputy Clerk for Judge Gerou: judgegeroucourtclerk@35thdistrictcourt.org
Deputy Clerk for Judge Lowe: judgelowecourtclerk@35thdistrictcourt.org
Deputy Clerk for Judge Plakas: judgeplakascourtclerk@35thdistrictcourt.org

Virtual Hearing Policy