ADA Accommodations

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the 35th Judicial District Court seeks to ensure that qualified individuals with disabilities have equal and full access to the judicial system and are therefore entitled to reasonable accommodations. Frequent requests include accommodations for:

  • Physical Mobility Impairment
  • Hearing, Speech and/or Visual Impairment

If you have a disability and require special accommodations to participate in court events or access court resources, please complete the ‘Request for Accommodations’ form (see website below) and return it to the 35th District Court’s ADA Coordinator listed below. If you cannot access the form or have questions about accommodations, please contact the ADA Coordinator for assistance.

ADA Coordinator
660 Plymouth Road,
Plymouth, MI 48170

If you have made a request and your request has been denied in whole or in part by the ADA coordinator, you may request a further review by completing the ‘Review of Request for Accommodations’ form (see website below). This request must be submitted to the ADA coordinator and will be reviewed by the Chief Judge.

If a person alleges that the Court’s ADA procedures or practices, outside of specific requests for accommodation, result in discrimination on the basis of disability as to the provision of services, activities, or programs of the court, the person may file a grievance, following the City of Inkster’s grievance policy.

For more information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act, visit or the Michigan State Court Administrators Office’s ADA resource page at


ADA Request for Accommodations Form (SCAO mc70a)

Review of Request for ADA Request for Accommodations Form (SCAO mc70a)