Below are commonly used SCAO-approved court forms.

General Civil
MC99Order Regarding Motion to Set Aside DefaultOriginal +2 Copies
MC01SummonsOriginal +5 Copies
MC01aComplaintOriginal +5 Copies
MC09DismissalOriginal +2 Copies
MC17Satisfaction of JudgementOriginal +2 Copies
SCAO: General Civil Forms
Small Claims Forms
DC84 Affidavit and Claim for Small ClaimsOriginal +3 Copies
DC85Small Claims Judgement
DC86Demand and Order for Removal
SCAO: Small Claim Forms
Landlord Tenant
DC100aDemand for Possession Non-Payment of RentSee Instructions
DC100cNotice to Quit to Recover Possession of PropertySee Instructions
DC102aLT Complaint Non-Payment of RentSee Instructions
DC102cLT Complaint to Recover Possession of PropertySee Instructions
DC104SummonsSee Instructions
DC536Request for Court Mailing and Record of Mailing by Court
DC538Landlord Tennant Advice of Rights and Information
DC539Rental Assistance
How to get legal and social services help – 35th District Court Flyer
SCAO: Landlord-Tenant forms
DC213Misdemeanor Advice of Rights
SCAO: Misdemeanor Criminal Forms
MC326 – Notice of Hearing and Motion
Alcohol Drug Support Group sign-in Sheet
Community Service
Holiday Breath testing information form
Monthly Report
Random Alcohol & Drug Screen information form
SCAO: Probation Forms
Court Brochures and Publications
A citizen’s guide to the criminal justice system
Do-It yourself personal protection order
Overview of Jury Duty
Teenage Choices and Legal Consequences