Judge Lowe

Judge Lowe has served the 35th District Court since January of 1995.   His father Charles, a lawyer for over 50 years, taught him that “good law is just good common sense. “  He tries to apply that advice on a daily basis.

In his early years on the bench, he assisted in or oversaw the drafting and implementation of the domestic violence program, the creation of our Law Day activities, the expansion of our outreach programs, the drafting of our juvenile court procedures, and the implementation of a formula for the payment of indigent attorney fees that has virtually resulted in generating revenues that fully fund the public defender.

During his tenure, he has assisted in or overseen the creation and implementation of the Teen Court program, the creation of several citizens’ feedback processes (including the first citizen survey and town hall meetings resulting in our first annual report), the expansion of our work detail program and its participation in the States Adopt-A-Road program, the review and modification of many of the court’s standard forms, and assisted in the design and planning for the new 35th District Court building after the fire.    In addition, he initiated the Drug/Sobriety Court program that is now overseen by Judge Gerou, and the updating of the advice of rights forms for criminal misdemeanors and probation violations, the drafting of procedures for the use of translators, and oversaw the Court Historical Committee and its displays for the court building.  He has served as the Chief Judge and Chief Judge Pro-Tem for the 35th District Court.

Chief Judge Ronald Lowe

Judge Lowe has a maxim, “Education leads to understanding, and understanding leads to appreciation.”  He believes that if he is unwilling to teach you, he cannot expect you to appreciate the law.  He readily answers questions in the courtroom and has assisted implementing educational programs for all levels (elementary, middle, high school, college, and law school,) of student.

Judge Lowe graduated from Plymouth-Salem High School.  He received his undergraduate degree from Hillsdale College, and his law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.  He currently serves as the Chair of the Center for Civic Education Through Law.  He is a past President of the Michigan District Judges Association, and the Thomas M. Cooley Law School Southeastern Michigan Alumni Association.  He has served on the Michigan Judicial Institute and the Secondary Schools Civic Curriculum Project of the Open Justice Commission of the State Bar of Michigan.  He is a past Chair at the Law-Related Education Committee of the State Bar of Michigan. 

In 2013 he was honored to be a recipient of the Integrity in the Community award from Thomas M. Cooley Law School, and is currently an adjunct professor for the school teaching a class on district court practice.
Judge Lowe is a member of the Michigan Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the Michigan District Judges Association, the American Judges Association, and the Judicial Division of the American Bar Association.   He remains active in the community as a member of the Plymouth Rotary, the First United Methodist Church, and the Western Wayne County Conservation Association, as well as the Historical Societies for Plymouth, Northville, and Canton, and the Community Literacy Council.
He regularly donates his storytelling talents to schools and other organizations in our community.  In February of each year, Judge Lowe dyes his hair and beard black, shaves his moustache, and tells stories of Abraham Lincoln as Lincoln in the Plymouth-Canton and Northville school systems.  He believes that through story he can communicate to all those who will listen a respect for the law.When not on the bench, Judge Lowe spends his free time with his wife and two sons.