Coming to Court

When you arrive at court please check in with security if you need direction. Please bring any paper work you received from us.

If you are coming to court to make a payment, we accept cash, personal check, money order, Visa, Mastercard or Debit card.  After hours there is a drop box on the east side of the building in the parking lot.

All persons entering must abide by the following Court Policies:

  • SUBJECT TO SEARCH: We reserve the right to inspect all packages, bags, etc. Potential weapons as well as cellular phones and pagers are prohibited.
  • PROPER ATTIRE IS REQUIRED:  If you are not dressed appropriately, you will not be seen by a Judge or Probation Officer. Prohibited attire includes SWIMSUITS,TOPS EXPOSING THE STOMACH, CUTOFF SWEATSHIRTS, SLEEVELESS SHIRTS, TANK TOPS, HATS/CAPS(unless worn only for religious purposes), BAGGY PANTS EXPOSING UNDERGARMENTS and other clothing which is not suitable in a court of law.  Shoes and Shirts are also required.
  • ADJOURNMENTS: We have a no-adjournment policy. Parties are expected at the day and time scheduled.
  • SAME-DAY SENTENCING: The court usually will assess, interview and sentence all defendants on the day of the plea.
  • Cell phones and laptops are allowed in the building.  However, you must abide by our policy for  USE OF PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES.
  • American disabilities act