General Civil Fax Number: (734)454-9303
Civil Contact Email Address:
Civil Clerk for Judge Gerou
Civil Clerk for Judge Lowe
Civil Clerk for Judge Plakas
Traffic/Criminal information: Fax Number: (734)454-9303
Contact Email Address:
Deputy Clerk for Judge Gerou
Deputy Clerk for Judge Lowe
Deputy Clerk for Judge Plakas
Jury Duty Contact Info
To speak with a Jury clerk directly Extension 320
To check on the status of your jury service (734)459-4740 then option 4
Probation Department: Fax Number: (734)781-0127
For Adult probation or general questions 459-4740 option 6 then 2
Juvenile Department 459-4740 option 6 then 1
Jim Hand
Jennifer Thal
Sandy Grattan
Duggan Lacey
Janelle Hanson
Specialty Court Fax Number: (734)781-0127
Juvenile Probation Department (734)459-4740 Option 6 then 1
Sobriety Court
Juvenile Court
Admnistrative Staff
Pam Avdoulos Court Administrator
MaryAnn Dziekan Civil/Traffic Supervisor
Mark Fredrick Administrative/IT
Andrea Shea Court Controller
Court Reporters
Jaclyn Trevorrow Judge Lowe
Katrina Wojtowicz Judge Plakas
Katelin Comstock Judge Gerou

For Court Transcripts please contact the Court Reporter whose judge heard the case.