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Employment application



The 35th District Court is seeking volunteers to assist in performing day to day operational tasks such as transporting files and directing individuals to the appropriate locations throughout the court. The successful candidate(s) will be able to perform a variety of tasks and must possess strong communication skills, be able to work individually as well as maintain effective working relationships with other employees and be able to thrive in a busy environment. Effective customer service skills are required.
There are no fringe benefits associated with this position. Minimum two hour shifts are requested. Successful applicants must pass a background check, physical and drug test.
To apply as a volunteer please submit a resume and letter of interest to dkubitskey@35thdistrictcourt.org or Debra Kubitskey, Court Administrator, 660 Plymouth Road, Plymouth, Mi 48170.



For those students with a strong interest in the justice department and law, the court also offers internships. This is a non paid position; however it is a very valuable learning experience. This opportunity is offered year round in three month increments. Many of the interns here at the court receive school credit for their service and we encourage you to do so as well. The court will provide the necessary documentation in order for you to receive credit.
If you are interested in applying for an internship please print and fill out the following half sheet and return it to Debra Kubitskey with your resume and a brief explanation of what you hope gain from this experience. Once you have applied you will receive an e-mail containing FAQ’s and answers about internships within the court.
Internship application